Chai Goat Farm Hands on Tour

To all our visitors:

We are in the process of moving the farm to Mavout Yericho. The new location in the Jordan Valley is surrounded by breathtaking hills. It has a unique magical feeling of peace unlike anywhere else. In addition, we are located just a 3 minute drive from the Nachal Yitav Nature Reserve.

As we are in the middle of rebuilding, we regret that we are unable to host visitors, but hope bezrat Hashem to be up and running soon.

Our programs will be as before, with cheese making workshops, goat milking, herding and other creative hands-on farm activities for individuals, families and groups. In addition, there is a jeep and date grove tour option, as well as swimming in the Nachal Yitav spring.

Updates will be posted on the website. Hope to see you all back again very soon.

Judy & Shapir