Chai Farm goats share their compassion
Chai Farm gives the opportunity for young people to milk goats.

Chai Farm gives the opportunity for young people to milk goats.

Welcome to our traditional family farm. We offer a visit adapted to groups, to families, and a place where children from the city can discover and enjoy farm life.


Our fun educational hands on farm tour “a harmony in nature experience” offers an array of interesting educational activities for all ages.

Goat Milking by hand

Goat Herding near the farm

Cheese Making & Tasting

Producing wool yarn by spinning and then weaving cloth.

Olive Picking, grinding & pressing (seasonal – we have olives available for this activity also off season)

Art & Crafts for younger children.

Visit an ancient olive and wine press & escape route dated back to the Maccabee era. (Mevo Modi’im is mentioned in the Mishnah and the books of the Maccabees.)

Visit the original Carlebach Synagogue and meet the Moshav artists.

Hear live Carlebach music played by professional musicians.


Number of participants: from 4 – 50

Ages 0 – 120

Goat Herding near the farm

Goat Herding near the farm


Cost ranges from 40 NIS to 100 NIS per person (depending on what hands on activities are chosen / walking tour or / live music)

Special group rates

Payment is cash only.


Each child receives a personalized Chai Farm Certificate and things to take home.


Open from Sunday to Friday:
Closed Shabbat Chagim and Moadim.

Judy Avraham-Chai
Agriculture Tourism Manager
(972) 54-4283646